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Disability Justice and Access

When we start from a foundation of Disability and Language Justice principles, we're providing an opportunity and way of being that support liberation for all.


Not a checklist, but a politic and a practice.

For groups that are ready to develop a stronger politic and better practices for access and language justice in their work, we offer a tailored version of our Building a Disability Politic and Access-Centered Cultures series.

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Building a Disability Politic and Access-Centered Cultures: Training & Support for Groups

This training is for organizations and groups interested in applying disability justice framework and practices to support it. The work consists of two parts:

  • Part I: Workshops
  • Part II: Strategy clinic and coaching

Using a popular education methodology, we’ll begin from where the organization is currently at and build on existing knowledge and practices. Developing a politic around disability will support efforts in increasing access for everyone, particularly disabled people. It is possible to complete only Part I but we recommend completing both to integrate fully what you’ve learned.

Overall outcomes:

  • Develop a deeper understanding for the ways access and disability connect to collective liberation.
  • Build a container to analyze how a disability justice framework can be applied.
  • Identify existing access practices, develop more and strategize ways to implement them.
  • Ongoing reflection around what has or hasn’t shifted.


Workshop #1: Building a Disability Politic (2 hrs) 

This workshop illuminates the ways that disability is connected to the existing systems and oppressions the organization is already addressing in the work. We’ll develop an expansive understanding of disability and ableism that’s rooted in historical context. The wisdom of disability-led movements will be the foundation that informs the organization’s position in a broader movement ecosystem. 

Workshop #2: Building Access-Centered Cultures (2 hrs)

This workshop delineates the differences between accessibility and access, with the goal of developing practices rooted in anti-ableist values that can shift culture. Information as to how a justice-oriented framework can benefit everyone will be included. Participants will have opportunities to share, hone, and rethink their approach to access by working through scenarios.


Strategy Clinic: Building a Disability Politic (2 hrs) 

The clinic is designed to be a creative space that supports questions of how to implement learnings from the workshops. We will use Radical Hospitality as a baseline concept and think through how it could be useful in the work that’s currently happening. The group will have the opportunity to apply language justice methods to holding space online as well as ways to be supportive of participant needs.

Coaching: 4 check-ins (0.5 hr)

Periodic check-ins are to follow-up on what is working well and support the continuous implementation of new practices. We will provide support and resources in identifying what else is needed.


Part I: 

- Workshops #1 and #2: one week apart

Part II:

- Strategy Clinic: 2-4 weeks after workshops.

- 4 Coaching sessions: no more than 2 months after Strategy Clinic.

*Note that we will identify the best timeline for coaching depending on your organization’s plans.


After cost and scheduling is confirmed, we will send an MOU for signature along with our payment information.



To calculate your rate, find your organization’s annual operating budget in the list below. If your organization cannot afford this training, please email us at and we’ll follow up.

For the whole training, Parts I and II:

For Part I only (two workshops):

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