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Job Openings

A graphic for the Solidarity Economy Coordinator position. The graphic is blue to teal gradient in color. The bottom of the graphic has black trim with the PeoplesHub logo and the website for the job posting: "". At the top is honey colored text that says, "We're Hiring". Below that, in white, is the text "Solidarity Economy Coordinator". Below the subheader, in black, is the text, "PeoplesHub is hiring a Solidarity Economy Coordinator to create and implement our Solidarity Economy strategy and programming. This position is ideal for someone who has experience and interest in solidarity economy organizing and/or training and would love to build a vision for supporting solidarity economy movements!". Below the description is a line of text that is black and bold: "$74K salary plus benefits | 40 hours per week remote". The deadline to apply is Jan 16.

Program Coordinator (Full-Time): Solidarity Economy

Link to PDF of the Job Description

PeoplesHub is an online Popular Education training organization committed to building movement infrastructure and supporting liberatory change. This is a new position at PeoplesHub that will require someone who is interested in leading the development of PeoplesHub’s Solidarity Economy programming vision and strategy. 

Do you have an analysis of the Solidarity Economy as a vital interruption to late stage capitalism? Do you have deep networks and ideas about how PeoplesHub could add to the field? If so, please apply!


Build on existing curriculum and programs to develop a strategy for PeoplesHub's Solidarity Economy work. Peopleshub’s Solidarity Economy strategy and programming including public programs and organizational trainings.

Program Coordination and Delivery

  • Work with the Program Director to build a solidarity economy programmatic strategy based on emergent needs in our movements and aligns with the overall programmatic strategy
  • Build and maintain intentional relationships with key Solidarity Economy groups and individuals to advance Solidarity Economy principles into our programming and vision
  • Coordinate and facilitate the Mapping Our Futures series as needed
  • Collaborate with the team to incorporate language justice, disability justice, and access, including logistics (such as closed captioning and interpretation) into all Solidarity Economy programming
  • Design, coordinate, and outreach for Solidarity Economy-specific Workshops, Circles & Clinics in collaboration with the Program Director, Public Offerings Coordinator, and Communications Director: 
  • Identify strategic topic areas for public programming
  • Reach out to and coordinate facilitators, moderators, hosts, and guest speakers for workshops, Circles, and Clinics
  • Provide coaching as needed for guest trainers of solidarity economy public workshops
  • Facilitate solidarity economy circles, workshops, and clinics
  • Support goal-setting, strategy, and evaluation of Solidarity Economy programming in collaboration with the Program Director & Development Director
  • Work with the communications team on participant outreach for all solidarity economy-specific public-facing programs: PeoplesHub Workshops, Clinics, and Circles
  • Ensure appropriate record-keeping on programs, registration, attendance, facilitation, and payment is kept in collaboration with the Public Offerings Coordinator and other staff responsible for admin and databased
  • Work with Development Director and Communication Director to share impact, generate reports, and participate in grant proposal content

General Program Team and Other Support  

  • Participate in staff decision-making
  • Participate in staff and program evaluation, with optional opportunities for additional professional development and study with the organization 
  • Participate in organizational development of PeoplesHub as needed (for example, participate in hiring committees, and assist with organizing the annual staff retreat)


Minimum of three years of experience in solidarity economy organizing and/or movement building (advocacy, education, infrastructure creation, cultural organizing, and other forms of change).

Minimum of three years of experience in a combination of some of the following areas: 

  • Experience with online training and popular education
  • Experience with online event coordination 
  • Strong facilitation skills, rooted in popular education 
  • Project management - ability to hold the big picture of multiple programs and keep track of many projects in various stages 

Desired Qualities: 

  • A demonstrated commitment to valuing all individuals and respecting differences in regards to race, ethnicity, age, gender identity, and expression, sexual orientation, religion, ability and socio-economic circumstance, record of arrest or conviction
  • Rooted in values of anti-oppression and a demonstrated commitment to racial justice, economic justice, gender justice, environmental/climate justice, and grassroots-based movements for change
  • Direct experience working within organizations that are cooperative, non-hierarchical, and grassroots
  • Knowledge of international solidarity economy and cooperative movements and organizations
  • Compassionate, patient, and centers community care  
  • Strong interpersonal skills and an ability to work independently as well as collaboratively with others including cross-departmentally as part of a team and be willing to contribute to organizational development
  • Can work with a wide range of work styles and thrive
  • Willingness to approach conflict as an opportunity to generate new knowledge and practices
  • Self-motivated, self-starter, and the ability to collaborate and not be “managed” but participate in a culture of mutual accountability and support
  • Strong organizational skills, problem solver, attention to detail, ability to multitask, and ability to follow projects through to completion
  • A connector and relationships-focused: someone who is not afraid to pick up the phone and talk to folks, and is not intimidated by the need to “herd cats” 
  • Eagerness and ability to learn new skills quickly, primarily as related to online facilitation and tech support
  • Interested in political study, growth, and evaluation
  • Deep networks relevant to PeoplesHub’s mission
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate persuasively, in writing and verbally, to a wide variety of audiences


This position is expected to pay between $75-$80,000 at 40 hours per week, plus medical benefits, a home office stipend, four weeks paid vacation per year, sick/parental leave, and an option for a sabbatical after three years of employment. The exact salary will be determined as PeoplesHub makes cost-of-living adjustments to staff pay for 2023.


PeoplesHub is a remote organization with people currently based in Kentucky, New York, the Pacific Northwest, New England, California, Appalachia, and elsewhere. The candidate can be based anywhere in the U.S. 


Complete our simple application form and attach to it: 1) a cover letter describing your interest in this position as well as your understanding of and relationship with Solidarity Economy movements 2) a resume, and 3) an example of Solidarity Economy work you’ve been a part of. (This could look like an article, a web page about an event, or gathering, a program you helped organize, or a network or coalition in which you were instrumental in helping build). This position closes at 3 AM Eastern on Monday, January 16, 2023.

Direct any questions about the position to Please keep in mind that PeoplesHub will be closed from Saturday, December 17, 2022-Tuesday, January 2, 2023, and our response time may be delayed.