Arts and Social Justice Fellowship

PeoplesHub resources our movements through art and culture. Our liberation is predicated on the creativity of our communities to provide the inspiration and motivation our movements need to organize and mobilize. We know investing in artists and cultural workers is strategic and necessary.

The Happy Land Linimentby Saleem Hue Penny, Arts & Social Justice Fellow
why we've created this fellowship

Artists and cultural workers reimagine the world.

The strategic use of art and culture is a powerful avenue to changing policies and practices.

Our political climate continues to reveal ever more starkly the "imagination battle" (in the words of adrienne marie brown) that we're engaged in and how connected it is to the safety, survival, and ultimately the very existence of some of our most marginalized communities. After all, with each new day we are hearing about drag bans, book bans, pronoun bans, and much more. We believe it has never been more urgent to resource art and cultural change through cultural organizing.

We believe strong movements are made of practices of resistance, restoration, resilience and re-imagination - and that art and culture nurture each of these. This Fellowship is intended to support artists contributing to movement work, who want support to develop their creative practice and tools for engaging in cultural organizing.

goals of the fellowship
One of Us
by Elena House-Hay,
Arts & Social Justice Fellow

Our Arts & Social Justice Fellowship:
- Is an 8-month, remote (online) residency running from March - November (with a “summer break” in July).
- Supports a cohort of 4 artists over the 8 month period.
- Facilitates opportunities for artists to build with and learn from each other, without requiring them to collaborate on a project.
- Supports the integration of cultural work into our model of populated education and social change.
- Gathers and resources oppressed artists who have limited access to mainstream art circles and/or traditional means of resourcing their projects.
- Spreads the methodology of Cultural Organizing to artists working at the intersections of arts and culture and social justice.
- Connects artists with other cultural organizers to spark new collaborations and ideas for cultural organizing in their communities.
- Moves art-making and creative work outside of elite capitalistic art systems and brings it to the people.

our fellows are...

- Emerging artists, artists with limited access to mainstream art institutions, and/or artists primarily working and creating in community-based settings.
- Artists who want to deepen their practice of cultural organizing and social justice.
- Artists interested in learning and collaborating with the PeoplesHub community.
- Self-starters who can work in groups or alone.
- We especially welcome artists who are BIPOC, queer, trans* and gender non-conforming, women and fems, disabled, low-income, incarcerated or formerly incarcerated, and who are learning and practicing their craft outside of the academy.

Artists in Residence (2022 - 2023)