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About PeoplesHub

PeoplesHub is an online movement school that connects groups and individuals across geographies to build strong, resilient and transformative movements. PeoplesHub is founded on the belief that change becomes possible when those closest to the problem work together to build power and identify solutions.

illustrated by Danya Zituni
Our LiNeages

We draw on traditions of popular education and grassroots organizing to illuminate the knowledge already held within people and groups.

Our unique online training style reflects our values of radical hospitality, disability justice and language access.

By creating vibrant spaces for learning and cross-pollination, and working with others to develop their skills for online training and facilitation, we aim to overcome some of the barriers that get in the way of creating inclusive and successful movements.

Who we Serve

Whether you’re a seasoned organizer, an individual looking for resources, or part of a group in need of new tools and skills, we have offerings to support your growth. Our focus areas and collaborations center on Dismantling the Global Far Right & White Supremacy, Disability Justice & Access, Building Solidarity Economies, Climate Justice and Cultural Organizing – but we welcome people at any level of experience in these movements!

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In Memoriam

Elandria Williams, our dear friend and Executive Director who joined the ancestors in 2020.