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PeoplesHub is an online training organization that works with people and groups rooted in political movements and local communities.

Our programs are designed to provide support, tools and opportunities for sharing knowledge about how to put strategies for resistance, resilience, restoration & re-imagination into action.

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 A peach to lavender gradient background featuring an illustration of a zoom call with multi-racial, multi-gender, disabled & chronically ill movement folks. Title is “Community Care Clinics For Disabled & Chronically Ill Movement Folks”. Text on bottom is “Dates & Times Ongoing” with link to register “”
June 15, 2022
Community Care Clinic for Disabled and Chronically Ill Movement Folks

Ongoing through summer and beyond: A community care peer support space for disabled and chronically ill people.

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A graphic with a black backround and white text at the top center that says, "Black August". On the bottom half of the graphic are 3 sketches of Black folks set in a Red, Yellow, or Green circular background.
August 25, 2022
African Disaporic Practices Embodied in our Political Movements

This Circle is a conversation that focuses on using indigenous spiritual practices to inform our movement strategies.

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August 31, 2022
I’m Not a Writer BUT… A Writing Workshop for Organizers, Activists and Movement-Builders

This workshop is for anyone involved in grassroots organizing, cultural work, or other forms of leadership for social change who want support to write from those experiences, whether or not you already identify as a “writer.”

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An illustration by Miguel Lopez featuring a puppet show with many fists representing people power on one side, versus the greedy empire/war machine on the other, in front of orange curtains and a swirly blue-green background. Title in white says “Culture is our Weapon: Cultural Organizing 101” and below text “September 21st & 22nd 6:30 - 8:30PM ET. Register” Bottom text says “With: Joe Tolbert Jr. PeoplesHub logo also visible in top left corner.
September 21, 2022
Culture is Our Weapon: Cultural Organizing 101 (Two-Part Series)

A two-part workshop that covers the basics of cultural organizing, and it includes topics such as: What is cultural organizing?, How can art and culture be used in service of collective liberation, values of cultural organizing campaigns, and drafting the cultural organizing campaign?.

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Trainings for Communities and Organizations

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Thriving Communities

Build practices that support growth, leadership and restorative approaches to common challenges that groups, organizations and collectives face.

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Online Methodology Offerings

Get support to make your online meetings, trainings and gatherings dynamic spaces for learning and organizing.

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Disability Justice and Access

Develop a stronger Disability Justice politic and access practices within your organizing work.

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