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Online Popular Education

Our Purpose

We're an online hub for movement workers to learn, connect, collaborate, and strategize - in and across the disability justice and solidarity economy movements.

Illustration by Danya Zituni of a zoom call with multi-racial, multi-gender, disabled & chronically ill movement folks. Community Care Clinics at PeoplesHub.

illustrated by Danya Zituni

What Is This? 
by Elena House-Hay, Arts & Social Justice Fellow

Our online spaces center radical hospitality, participation, and access. Learn at our popular education-style workshops, strategize with other movement workers at our clinics, or pursue deep work in a fellowship or cohort with us.

Upcoming Events

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 A peach to lavender gradient background featuring an illustration of a zoom call with multi-racial, multi-gender, disabled & chronically ill movement folks. Title is “Save the Date for Community Care Clinics For Disabled & Chronically Ill Movement Folks”. Text underneath title is the dates and times for the upcoming events (listed below) with link to register “peopleshub.org”
May 16, 2023
Community Care Clinic for Disabled and Chronically Ill Movement Folks

Ongoing through fall and beyond: A community care peer support space for disabled and chronically ill people.

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Image description: A dark blue background with sections of violet and light blue. Title at the top says “PeoplesHub Tech Support Clinic.” Date and time information is listed with 5 bulleted lines: April 11, 12pm / 3pm ET, below that is May 23, 9am PT / 12pm ET, below that is July 11, 12pm PT / 3pm ET, below that is October 3, 9am PT / 12pm ET, and below that is November 7, 12pm PT / 3pm ET.” To the right of the graphic are circles with photos of the trainers and their names: Jolanda Walter Klebl, Catherine Klebl, and Aerik Woodams. Text below says “Open to past participants of our Online Methodology Offerings. Interpreters & captioners available by request.” Registration link at the bottom is: peopleshub.org
May 24, 2023
Tech Support Clinics

A fun, safe peer space for continued learning... Get the latest updates on Zoom, practice using technical tools, and develop skills of accessible design and radical hospitality.

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Image description: An orange/blue gradient background featuring white text title “Liberation Culture: Applying Solidarity Economy Principles and Practices.” Date and time information says “Thursday, June 5, 1-3pm PT / 4-6pm ET.” Registration link: “peopleshub.org”. Descripción de la foto: Un fondo gradiente azul y anaranjado con un título en texto blanco dice “Cultura de Liberación: Aplicando principios y prácticas de solidaridad económica”. La fecha y hora del evento dice “Jueves 5 de junio, 1-3pm PT / 4-6pm ET”. Enlace de registro: “peopleshub.org."
February 12, 2024
Introduction to Solidarity Economy Movements Bilingual in English and Spanish | Introducción a los movimientos de Economía Solidaria Bilingüe en inglés y español

Solidarity economy movements are people-powered forces to protect what matters most. They draw on tools and traditions within many lineages, making them accessible to any community, anywhere. Join us to explore what a solidarity economy movement is, how it works, and ways we can stay oriented to movement-building even as we navigate against the tides of capitalism and oppression.Los movimientos de economía solidaria son fuerzas empoderadas por la gente para proteger lo que más importa. Estos se basan en herramientas y tradiciones de muchos linajes, haciéndolos accesibles a cualquier comunidad, en cualquier lugar. Únase a nosotres para explorar que es un movimiento de economía solidaria, como funciona y las maneras en que podemos mantenernos orientados al desarrollo de movimiento aun cuando navegamos en contra de las marejadas del capitalismo y la opresión.

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Dark blue starry background featuring the title: “The Power of Online Spaces”. Below it are date and time information: “May 21, 3-5pm PT / 4-6pm / MT 5-7pm CT / 6-8pm ET. Below that is text" Interpreters & captioners available by request”. To the right of the image says “with Hope Ghazala" and a photo of Hope. The bottom has registration link “peopleshub.org"
April 19, 2024
The Power of Online Spaces

Learn how to use popular education to create effective, participatory movement spaces online to build a culture of participation, creativity, and engagement.

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Announcement with white letters against a blue-teal spectrum background. Text at top says "Resisting COVID Denialism Community of Practice. An organizer hub for participants of PeoplesHub's Fall 2023 Resisting COVID Denialism Clinics." Below the text are dates in yellow font "5/29, 6/26, 7/31 at 3-5pm PT / 6-8pm ET". Text at bottom in white font says "Virtual (via zoom). Interpreters & captioners available by request. 6 sessions total in 2024; Future Dates TBA". Last row of text says in white text in a black box "register: peopleshub.org"
May 1, 2024
Resisting Covid Denialism Community of Practice

As a followup to last fall’s Resisting COVID Denialism series, we are facilitating a Community of Practice where organizers against COVID denialism can work on developing their practices and strategies together, and ultimately coalesce as a broader movement rooted in the principles of disability justice. *** This offering is only for participants of our 2023 Resisting COVID Denialism series.

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A flyer for the event, "Still Zoomin". The flyer has green background with the PeoplesHub logo in the upper left corner. Across the top of the flyer is a blue banner with the event title, "Still Zoomin' Tech for Online Gatherings. In the middle of the flyer are photos of the three facilitators Jolanda, Catherine, and Hafidha, and the date and time of the event: Wednesday, May 22, 11am-1:30 PT / 12pm - 2:3pm MT / 1pm - 3:30pm CT / 2pm - 4:30 ET. At the bottom of the flyer is the link to register: "peopleshub.org"
May 22, 2024
Still Zoomin’ - Tech for Online Gatherings

A hands-on Zoom tech and online accessibility training for volunteers and staff of progressive movement groups.

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Trainings for Communities and Organizations

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Thriving Communities

Build practices that support growth, leadership and restorative approaches to common challenges that groups, organizations and collectives face.

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Online Methodology Offerings

Get support to make your online meetings, trainings and gatherings dynamic spaces for learning and organizing.

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Disability Justice and Access

Develop a stronger Disability Justice politic and access practices within your organizing work.

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