January 31, 2022

Newsletter February 2022

🎉 Job Posting: Public Offerings Coordinator

🎉 Sign Up for Upcoming Offerings

🎉 Thank You For Resourcing Our Resistance in 2021

PeoplesHub is excited to announce we are hiring for a Public Offerings Coordinator! As our work expands, we are looking for someone to manage PeoplesHub’s public programming. Please see the bottom of this newsletter for our promotional graphic, as well as our link to the full position description & how to apply!

✺ Staff testimony from our Director of Development, Jardana, on why you should apply:

“PeoplesHub is dedicated to many layers of learning. We are an organization that changes with our movements, our trainers, and our staff. It feels great to be a part of such a smart and intentional team willing and able to change shape based on what is needed most.”

Sign Up for Offerings:

  • Save our upcoming Winter dates for: Community Care Clinics for Disabled & Chronically Ill Movement Folks! There is a particular reality around what it means to be disabled and engaged in movement and social justice work — please join us in creating this community care peer support space. Sign up here!

Illustration featured is by Jonathan Soren Davidson for Disabled And Here

[Image Description: Light purple background with white text that reads “Save the Date for Community Care Clinics for Chronically Ill & Disabled Movement Folks”. Dates below are Monday Jan 31, 3-4:30 ET / Tuesday Feb 8, 7-8:30 ET / Monday February 21, 3-4:30 ET. Link to register is also visible “bit.ly/CCCDisabled”. An illustration in the bottom half features a group of disabled queer Black folks talking and laughing at a sleepover, across two large beds. On the left, two friends sit on one bed and paint each other’s nails. On the right, four people lounge on a bed: one person braids another’s hair while the third friend wearing a C-PAP mask laughs, and the fourth person looks up from their book.]

  • Our Building a Disability Politic & Access-Centered Cultures 2-part workshop is back, hosted by Ngozi Alston & Alyssa Cypher! This workshop is for anyone who wants to develop an expansive understanding of disability & ableism that’s rooted in historical context — and have opportunities to share, hone, & rethink their approach to access by working through scenarios. Sign up here!

[Image Description: A yellow to orange gradient background featuring black text title “Building a Disability Politic & Access-Centered Cultures”. Below text says “with Ngozi Alston, Alyssa Cypher” above a photo of both trainers. Date and time says “Tuesdays Feb 15 & Feb 22, 5:30-7:30PM ET / 2:30-4:30PM PT”. Below text says “Interpreters and captioners available by request”. link to register is also visible “bit.ly/PH-DJ”.]

Job Opening:

  • We are hiring a Public Offerings Coordinator! This is primarily a program coordination position, with some program development and partnership cultivation on dismantling the global far right. Please visit this link with our full job description, and details on how to apply by February 23rd, 2022: http://peopleshub.org/job-opening

[Image Description: A light to dark purple starry gradient background, with bright gold text that says “We’re Hiring” and beneath white text “Public Offerings Coordinator”. In the center black text says “We are looking for a Public Offerings Coordinator to manage PeoplesHub’s public programming. This is primarily a program coordination position with some program development and partnership cultivation on dismantling the global far right included” and “$74k salary plus benefits | 40 hours per week, remote”. In golden text below “apply by feb 23”. PeoplesHub logo & link to apply peopleshub.org/job-opening is visible at the bottom.]

Thank you for Resourcing Our Resistance in 2021:

We would like to thank you all again for supporting our year-end fundraiser in 2021, Resourcing Our Resistance, which had a $10K goal. You helped us raise $14,609 from 43 donors, most new to PeoplesHub community. Every donation, every share, and every kind comment helped us exceed our goal.

[Image Description: An illustration of flowers & branches with leaves coming out of the numbers "14.6K" to signify PeoplesHub's 2021 year-end fundraiser total.]

In Care, Danya | Director of Communications