June 9, 2022

Newsletter June 2022

🌈 June Newsletter: We Are The Blessed Ones

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🎨 Practicing as an Artist in the Solidarity Economy

🎊 Closing Celebration: PeoplesHub Arts & Social Justice Fellowship

💜 Community Care Clinics for Disabled & Chronically Ill Movement Folks

June is Pride Month—a month rooted in the revolutionary history of working-class Black & Brown Trans-Led rebellion against policing & exploitation.

There aren’t enough rainbow flags in the world for corporations, police, military and the non-profit industrial complex to whitewash and pinkwash the meaning of trans and queer liberation. In the words of visionary trans movement artist Micah Bazant, there can be: "No Pride For Some of Us Without Liberation For All of Us".

We are inspired by this beautiful illustration below by Art Twink that helps us imagine a truly irresistable future: where all LGBTSTGNC (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Two-Spirit, Trans, Gender Non-Conforming) people are safe, cherished, and fully alive.

Let us know—what histories, art, words, or resistance are you currently inspired by or engaging in to honor trans and queer liberation?

Image Description: An illustration by Art Twink that features a montage of 12 people of diverse identities, races, religions, genders, and abilities sitting at tables in community. Text at the top of the art reads: "We are the blessed ones."

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  • 🎨 Register now for Practicing as an Artist in the Solidarity Economy! In partnership with Cooperative Journal Media.

How can we create support networks between artists who want to make art about and within the solidarity economy? How can we ensure our needs are met to actualize our creative dreams? As we build ecosystems of relationships where co-creation and cooperation can flourish, the narrative of the individualistic starving artist dies.

This series will create a space for us to practice solidarity economy principles as creatives. There will be opportunities to get inspired by other aligned artists, participate in creative self-reflection, and weave networks of mutual support.

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artwork featured by PeoplesHub trainer Shreya Delgado-shah Flores

Image Description: A brown background with a light yellow gradient in the top right. Title in black text with white background says "Practicing as an Artist in the Solidarity Economy". Subtitle says "3-part series", and below "with Ebony Gustave & Robin Crane". Illustration in center of two brown hands cracking an egg and dropping flour in a bowl with words "transform" and "organized" spilling out of the ingredients. Date/time info "Sat June 18 | 1-3pm et / 10am-12pm pt, Mon June 27 | 7-9pm et / 4-6pm pt, Tues July 5 | 7-9pm et / 4-6pm pt". Registration link at the bottom "bit.ly/PH-SEArt" and "English/Spanish Interpreters Provided".

  • 🎊 Don't miss our Closing Celebration: PeoplesHub Arts and Social Justice Fellowship! Join us as we celebrate our inaugural class of Artists Fellows Elena House Hay and Saleem Hue Penny as they conclude their time with us. The night will include performances and art presentations, and you will be able to hear from our artist fellows as they talk about their work and time with us at PeoplesHub.

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Image Description: An illustration featuring a brown fist-shaped tree in the center that is growing out of a green hilly field grasping two art-making tools, a pencil and paintbrush. Two small cop cartoons in black & white on either side of the tree cower in fear. Above is an orange to yellow sunset with many thin golden beams swirling across the image. Atop title says “Closing Celebration Arts & Social Justice Fellowship” and below “with, Elena House-Hay, Saleem Hue Penny, Joe Tolbert Jr”. Date/time says "June 30, 2022 | 3:30pm PT / 5:30PM CT / 6:30PM ET". Registration link visible at the bottom "bit.ly/PH-Celebrate".

  • 💜 Save our June & July dates for: Community Care Clinics for Disabled & Chronically Ill Movement Folks! There is a particular reality around what it means to be disabled and engaged in movement and social justice work — please join us in creating this community care peer support space.

Register Here

artwork featured by Jonathan Soren Davidson for Disabled And Here

Image Description: Light purple background with white text that reads “Save the Date for Community Care Clinics for Chronically Ill & Disabled Movement Folks”. Dates below are Wednesday June 15, 7-8:30PM ET / Monday June 27, 3-4:30PM ET / Tuesday July 12, 7-8:30PM ET / Monday July 25, 3-4:30PM ET. An illustration in the bottom half features a group of disabled queer Black folks talking and laughing at a sleepover, across two large beds. On the left, two friends sit on one bed and paint each other’s nails. On the right, four people lounge on a bed: one person braids another’s hair while the third friend wearing a C-PAP mask laughs, and the fourth person looks up from their book.

Partner Offerings & Movement Resources:

  • People's Summit | June 8 10

We’re excited to endorse The People’s Summit for Democracy! Register now for a program of panel discussions, workshops, and cultural activities that will take place this upcoming June 8-10 in Los Angeles, California.

As Biden’s Summit of the Americas is marked by exclusion and imposition of political agenda, our Summit will bring together diverse voices from across the Americas in order to create our shared vision of democracy and a dignified life for our people. Sign up at peoplessummit2022.org!

  • Teach Truth Days of Action | June 11 – 12

Lawmakers in 42 states have introduced legislation or pursued other measures that attempt to require educators to lie to students about the role of racism, sexism, heterosexism, transphobia, and other forms of oppression throughout U.S. history. These laws and restrictions have been imposed in at least 17 states. These events are coordinated by the Zinn Education Project, Black Lives Matter at School, and the African American Policy Forum invites educators, students, parents, and community members to rally across the country and pledge to #TeachTruth on June 11 and 12, 2022. Sign up here!

  • Allied Media Conference | June 30 July 3

It's that time! We’re so excited for this years hybrid Allied Media Conference. #AMC2022 will explore emerging futures at the intersection of art, technology, education, media, and visionary resistance/organizing. It will convene nationally online, and in-person for residents of Detroit and communities throughout Michigan (occupied Anishinaabe, Peoria, and Meskwaki land).Behind the scenes, PeoplesHub will once again be supporting conference facilitators with online session design and tech skills! See what's new and register at amc.alliedmedia.org!

In Care, Danya | Director of Communications