Catherine Klebl

Catherine Klebl is a teacher and community organizer inspired by the vision of a world that works for everyone. Before coming to People’s Hub, Catherine founded and ran a democratic school, managed a chiropractic office, co-managed a Natural Food’s Co-op and took care of numerous children in their homes. She is an avid learner whose passions range from meditation to physics, herbalism to energy healing, growing and fermenting foods to permaculture and energy efficiency. Over the years she has taught Reiki, herbalism, raw and fermented foods workshops, Tai Chi and hosted discussion groups on polyamory, unschooling, meditation and art journaling. She loves to help people discover how things work and find ways to bring their passions into the world in collaboration with each other. Catherine was born and raised in Germany and Austria and now lives in Portland, OR with her teen daughter and fluffy, calico cat.

A photo of Catherine. Catherine is wearing a brown and white polka dot stop, has fawny pink skin, and chin length brown hair with streaks of purple and blue. Catherine is looking over her left shoulder at the camera, smiling. Behind her is a gray back drop.