Director of Access, Disability and Language Justice

Dustin Gibson

Dustin (he/him)  joined PeoplesHub in May of 2020 to support disabled movement workers and implement a framework of disability justice. He’s a peer support trainer with Disability Link in Georgia, a board member with Straight Ahead and HEARD, and a co-creator of the Disabled Elders and Pittsburgh Without Police Funds. He’s also a founding member of the Harriet Tubman Collective, Us Protecting Us in Atlanta, GA, and the Policing in Allegheny County Committee. He’s worked on-the-ground with Centers for Independent Living (CIL) in Southwest Pennsylvania with a focus on deinstitutionalization and youth self-determination. His work in the national CIL networks supported youth peer support networks and the abolition. He teaches courses about abolition and disability justice in communities, high schools, universities, and law schools.