Elmina Bell

Elmina Bell (she/they) hails from Indigenous African parents from the Indigenous Bantu Sawa/Subu peoples of Cameroon in Central Africa, and the Ewe peoples of Togo West Africa and was born and raised in Washington,DC. Elmina is a multiply neurodivergent/neuroexpansive person who centers Indigenous holistic psychologies and cosmologies for improved mental health, community building, and for the dismantling of oppressive colonial capitalistic systems. Their work as a trauma-informed peer support facilitator, crisis counselor, tropical and sidereal astrologer, sound healer, and medium, is guided by Mulema Alchemy. Mulema means heart in the Indigenous languages of her parents. She believes in the transformative, alchemical power of the heart. Elmina is currently building the Coalition for Ancestral Indigenous Mental Health Approaches (CAIMHA).

Folks can  reach Elmina at https://mulemaalchemy.wordpress.com/  and  access CAIMHA mental health resources here:  https://linktr.ee/indigenius_mentalhealth

Elmina Bell Headshot. A dark-skin Black femme with short 4c natural heart smiling in red lipstick and wearing a red, black, and green plaid sweater with gold buttons and beaded red earrings with yellow stripes painted on the third and biggest bead. Blurred paintings in and partial animal sculpture in the background of a well-lit museum.