Managing Director

Hafidha Acuay

Hafidha Acuay (she/her) began working with PeoplesHub in 2018 as a Tech Support Lead for workshops, circles, and early clinics.  In her current role as Managing Director, she oversees operations and determines best practices for remote office management and technology. She is also responsible for the training and coordination of our Tech Support Leads, and for developing our concept and practices of virtual Radical Hospitality.  Hafidha regularly trains and coaches on designing for online spaces through PeoplesHub's Online Methodology Offerings (PHOMO). Hafidha is passionate about lifelong learning, the social solidarity economy, governance, and popular education as paths to liberation. In addition to her work at PeoplesHub, she supports programs and the training of parent educators at Families of Color Seattle (FOCS). Hafidha is a new Board member with Open Collective Foundation. Hafidha is a grown unschooler and the mother of an always-unschooled teenager. She is based in Seattle, and loves to explore the majestic mountains, forests, and waterways of the Pacific Northwest.