Hakim Pitts

Hakim is a multi-award winning, Black genderqueer creative and scholar crafting at the nexus of visual culture, community health, social justice, & spiritual activism. Utilizing this interdisciplinary practice, their mission is two fold: to resource people, communities, and organizations with theoretical and pragmatic tools to create, sustain and manifest their best; and to use fine arts and media to (re)craft works that carefully explore notions of power, identity, ritual, embodiment, and formations of Black religious social and political life.

A savvy and accomplished programmer, for over a decade, Hakim has successfully created, developed and managed programs, projects, and campaigns locally, nationally and internationally in the sectors of community health, youth development, education, and entrepreneurship

As a cultural worker, they’ve produced award winning films, curated exhibitions and public programs at noted artistic and cultural institutions, and has written, spoken, lectured at schools and universities as an independent Black studies scholar and spiritual practitioner.

They’re currently providing 1:1 coaching for individuals and use their experiences and expertise to consult w/ justice oriented companies, ventures, and brands.

A Black person wearing white looks up toward the sky with eyes closed.