Solidarity Economy Coordinator

Imani Fox

Imani (she/her) is a Black, queer urban farmer, community organizer and scholar from Washington, D.C. She began her solidarity economy work at ONE DC as a cooperative organizer, where she steered a worker cooperative political education program. She is often dreaming and scheming about Black liberation and decolonization through the lens of spirituality, food justice, abolition, womanism, health sovereignty and socialist frameworks. She is passionate about making political education accessible and building cultures of both joy and discipline in radical organizing movements. Imani obtained a Master’s of Public Health at the University of Maryland, where she studied the politics of health, the etiology of racial health inequities and radical health activism as a tool of resistance and self-determination against oppressive health systems. She is currently serving on a technical assistance project to help BIPOC farmers secure funding and business development resources in the U.S. She enjoys listening to gospel music and negro spirituals, cooking, making herbal medicine at her local apothecary, frolicking on farms and styling clothes. She is honored to join PeoplesHub as the Solidarity Economy Coordinator.

A photo of Imani smiling, surrounded by greenery.