Training Team, Technology Lead, Core Development Team, and PeoplesHub Trainer

Jeanne Rewa

Jeanne Rewa is an experiential trainer, facilitator, and organizer. As a consultant in online training and facilitation for social change organizations, Jeanne is passionate about helping people actualize their goals and values in an online space. Jeanne has years of experience building, delivering, and evaluating various types of online training programs for social change, and in training and supporting others to do the same. She was trained by Training for Change, served on their Board of Directors, and is currently leading a TFC online training series about training and facilitation online. She served as the Training and Development Specialist at Greenpeace USA and organized at Equal Justice USA. When not at “work,” Jeanne is usually organizing with her partner in her local community for economic, racial, and environmental justice, or working on their homestead.

A headshot of Jeanne wearing a mask and light sweater. In the background is a black gate, behind which is a meadow and some bare trees in the late winter.