Jonathan Clark

Jonathan Clark (He/Him/His), Executive/Artistic Director of the Carpetbag Theatre, Inc. is a multidisciplinary Artist and Activist also known as “Courageous,” and is a native of Knoxville, TN and Alumnus of the University of Tennessee. His professional performance career began at the age of 13 with Carpetbag’s T.R.Y. Youth Theatre Ensemble, where he has since delved into the art forms of acting, spoken word poetry, playwriting, stage directing, scene design, and more. Courageous was selected for two prestigious fellowship opportunitie- The National Institute for Directing & Ensemble Creation: Next Generation, presented by Pangea World Theater and Art2Action, and the Intercultural Leadership Institute, presented by Alternate ROOTS, the National Association for Latino Arts and Cultures, the PA’I Foundation and the First People’s Fund. Courageous is also an event host, digital storyteller and workshop facilitator, touring colleges and universities across the country and teaching immersive workshops blending creative artistic practice with Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion strategy.

A photo of Jonathan Clark. Jonathan has light brown skin with short dark brown hair on top his head and dark brown facial hair. He is looking back towards the camera with a focused look. There is a dark background in the photo.