MF Akynos

Akynos’ work is about upending the patriarchy and setting her own terms for what it means to be a womxn in a Black body. She earned her interdisciplinary Master of Fine Arts (MFA) at Goddard College, her work forces the representation and re-evaluation of Sex Workers in society through short films such as Whore Logic (2013) and H’or (2018) and writings for publications such as Rosa Lux, Rutgers University Press, Ravishingly and her own blog. She is the founder and ED of The Black Sex Worker Collective

A photo of Akynos. Akynos has caramel skin and long black to blonde braids that are up in a red wrap. Akynos is wearing large black dangle earrings that say "Black", red bottoms and a white t-shirt. They are also holding a white and purple t-shirt that says, "Black Sex Worker Collective". They are looking away from the camera, and the backdrop behind them is a park.