Nikki Jackson

Born with a rare eye disease, Nikki became legally blind at the age of 10 and was quickly immersed in the social justice world. By 5th grade, she found herself speaking to state legislators to advocate for her right to receive accommodations and remain in mainstream school. She has received many awards and accolades for her time spent on multiple accessibility advisory boards at institutions of higher learning. With a bachelors degree in Food and Nutrition, she has a strong passion for supporting local agriculture and independent business owners. She launched tenRhu consulting in 2021 with the goal of being a positive disruptor in any arena she is invited into and to help organizations take strides in becoming inclusive to the disabled community.

A photo of Nikki. Nikki is a white person with short brown hair. Nikki is wearing a black sweater with a white, grey, and black checkered pattern down the center. Behind them is a brick wall, and they are holding a lime green coffee mug in both hands while smiling at the camera.