shreya delgado-shah flores

shreya has supported movement work for over 12 years through social justice facilitation, training, coaching, and activism, especially at the intersections of gender liberation, racial justice, and healing justice. shreya was first politicized at a one-stop health center for queer, trans, and gender non-conforming youth of color, serving as a sexual health educator and program coordinator. shreya is the founding director of saltwater training. they support movement groups in strategic planning and visioning, training of trainers, and building healthy organizational communication, culture, and structures through direct education processes. they are also a member of the AWID global feminist forum committee, training for change online team, and ‘no stop ’til funny’ comedy collective. shreya carries a transformative justice, harm reduction, trauma-informed, intersectional anti-oppression framework into all they do. they feel most fed when in collective study, hiking, learning from the plants, ocean, and stars, sharing stories and loud laughs with loved ones, and playing with their nibblings. their biggest love is to make visual tools and mixed-media (ink, watercolor, digital) healing and liberatory art. find out more: