delicate and naturalistic gray scale drawing of a hummingbird hovering upright.
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A small room is shown with cream colored walls and cream colored linoleum floor. A window with brown curtains pulled open to the sides, is on the far wall. Through the window can be seen a lawn, sidewalks, a lamppost, and other buildings. The room has metal bunk beds to the left and a single metal cot to the right. A thin mattress covered in a white sheet and green blanket  is on the lower bunk A thicker mattress covered in a white sheet and blue blanket is on the cot. A gold cloth hangs from a line attached to the upper bunk. Between the beds and below the window is a simple table on which is a brown mug, a tri-fold of paper, and a book. A blue plastic chair is tucked under the table.
Artwork: An Empty Space by Kal-El Carey,
PeoplesHub Arts & Social Justice Fellow