Thriving Communities

Our Thriving Communities program works with organizations, collectives and groups to support their internal growth, strategy and leadership.

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Get support to work effectively as a team and make movement toward their goals.

This series was developed by PeoplesHub trainers with a depth of experience with organizing and facilitation with groups working in different political and cultural movements. Our trainings guide groups through visioning, strategy conversations, work on interpersonal group dynamics and development practices that address the most common reasons that groups get burned out and fall apart.


Our Thriving Communities series is based on our “4 R’s framework,” which holds that our organizations and communities need to build a practice of Resistance, Resilience, Restoration, and Re-imagination to be powerful and sustainable. Inquire about having our trainers work with your group for one training, a sequence or a longer-term partnership for deeper impact.

These are our current Thriving Communities trainings:

Dreaming and Scheming: Group Vision and Purpose 

Tap into the creativity of your team to build a collective vision for what is possible in your community. You and your team will grow your capacity to imagine, identify a compelling and transformative vision for your community, and practice honing your focus. You will build off your collective vision to draft a purpose statement to help guide your work.  

Make it Real: Strategy Series: A, B , C (a series of 3 trainings)

These three trainings go together as a series to support your team to focus in on how to make your vision a reality. You will practice using community mapping tools to assess the context you’re working in, and build goals, strategies, and action plans towards your vision. 

Building Leaderful Groups

PeoplesHub believes that thriving communities require a culture that uplifts each person’s leadership and unique gifts. In this training, you’ll gain skills to identify your own leadership traits while recognizing the diverse forms leadership takes within your team. This training will support your group’s ability to tap into the potential of the whole  team, and create a healthy culture and leadership development, while valuing the many gifts that are represented within the  group. 

Glorious Meetings

Meetings can make or break a group.  We will assess the culture of your current meetings and build practices for creating transformative, anti-oppressive spaces that value everyone in your group and help you get stuff done.  

Reimagining Decision-Making

If we are to build the world we need, we must practice self-governance grounded in our values. In this training we will explore how values-based decision making can be liberatory and unleash the creative potential of your team. Participants will leave with new practices for incorporating anti-oppression into decision-making structures and strengthening your collective decision-making muscles.

Living Into Conflict

We at PeoplesHub believe that conflict is not only a healthy and natural part of being in a team, but it can also be generative.  You will gain a deeper understanding of how your team navigates conflict collectively, and how each of you show up in conflict based on your own experiences and identities. You will create practice plans to build a healthier culture of conflict. Taking a conflict transformation approach, your group will leave with strategies for navigating whatever conflicts arise in your group. 


We understand that access to funds is a frequent barrier groups face. We work on a sliding scale according to the size and budget of your organization and gift scholarships/pro-bono work to honor those who are in the struggle without access to capital, recognizing that money should never be an obstacle to marginalized groups working to build power.

We are especially committed to serving groups and communities that center BIPOC, women, TGNC & Two Spirit people, poor and working class people, disabled folks and those who are currently or previously impacted by the criminal legal system – please reach out to us to let us know how we can support your work.