Thriving Communities

Our Thriving Communities programs help movement organizations, collectives, and groups to build leadership, longevity, and flourishing team cultures.

The Thriving Communities curriculum is now held by a collective of current and former PeoplesHub trainers. Reach out to us to talk about bringing the curriculum to your community!


Effective collaboration is key to effective movements.

Build strong roots and sturdy infrastructure with your movement group, as our seasoned organizers buoy you along the way.

Our Thriving Communities programming is created for groups of organizers, by a group of organizers with facilitation experience across different political and cultural movements.

It's designed with the 4Rs framework, which holds that movements become powerful and sustainable by building a practice of Resistance, Resilience, Restoration, and Re-imagination. Learn more about the 4Rs from the Just Transition framework and the Solidarity Economy Principles Project: we are proud and inspired to be in this work alongside them.

Thriving Communities trainers accompany groups through:
... leadership development
... values-aligned strategy
... interpersonal group dynamics
... building healthy practices to weather internal challenges and conflict.

Training Series

Thriving Group Cultures (3-Part Series)

Leaderful Groups / Glorious Meetings / Re-imagining Decision Making

Our movements are full of brilliantly talented and powerful people who bring so much to our collective struggle for liberation. Yet too often, internal challenges can get in the way of successful collaboration, lead to burnout, and even cause groups to fall apart.

This 3-part series focuses on common areas where groups get stuck and provides practical tools for creating a thriving team. We’ll work on developing supportive meeting structures, values-aligned decision-making processes, and a leadership culture that taps into the unique strengths of each person.


We work on a sliding scale according to the size and budget of your organization.

We understand that access to funds is a frequent barrier groups face, and recognize that money should never be an obstacle to marginalized groups working to build power. We gift scholarships/pro-bono work to honor those who are in the struggle without access to capital.

We are especially committed to serving groups and communities that center BIPOC, women, TGNC & Two Spirit people, poor and working class people, disabled folks, and those who are currently or previously impacted by the criminal legal system. Please reach out to us to discuss how we can support your work.