November 16, 2021

Power of Online Spaces

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Power of Online Spaces

This event has occurred.
This event has occurred.

How to bring popular education methodology online.

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Dates and Times

Tuesday, November 16th

From 3-5pm PST/ 5-7pm CST/ 6-8pm EST

Program Full-Description

Our movement groups are meeting online, and now in this COVID-19 moment that’s happening more than ever before. The transition to online work can often feel robotic, exhausting, and clunky.  We believe that online spaces is an incredible tool that can facilitate powerful connection across geography and make our meetings and gatherings more accessible. Drawing from what we’ve been learning and experimenting with at PeoplesHub, we will dig into how to bring popular education methodology online, and dispel common myths about what is and isn’t possible online. Together we will explore how to create interactive online spaces, meetings and trainings that are effective, impactful, relational, and restorative.

This training is ideal for:

Anyone who is adjusting to working and gathering online who is looking to strengthen the depth of their connections.  

Anyone new to online work who feels overwhelmed by the barriers or uncertain of what’s possible.

Training Outcomes

Participants will leave with:

  • Tools for making your own online meetings and gatherings more impactful, accessible, and restorative.
  • A greater understanding of the possibilities and opportunities of online spaces.
  • Practices for grounding our work in restoration and resiliency, and how to bring these practices online.

What do you do to prepare?

Consider reading our paper, Creating Transformative Online Spaces.

Please choose a location with a strong internet connection, where you are able to share and listen comfortably. You’ll need a laptop or desktop computer, with video and headphones.


Access requests can be made during registration or by emailing Dustin Gibson at, including interpreters and captioners.

Program People
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Program Schedule
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Free or by donation. Donations support us to offer more of these kinds of offerings. Our offerings are typically sliding scale from $20-$50.