Training and Support

Online Methodology

Online spaces can be places for belonging, accessible learning and connecting.


A unique approach to creating meaningful spaces online.

PeoplesHub has built a methodology for online meetings and training that we’ve found is effective for supporting a wide range of needs, learning styles and abilities. These offerings can help your group develop the tools and approaches needed for engaging, connected and democratic online communities.

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The PeoplesHub team offers technical support for online gatherings and trainings that can help you build your internal capacity and skills for online training and facilitation.

Tech Support Leads (TSLs)

PeoplesHub Tech Support Leads manage the technical aspect of your online gatherings so that your facilitators can concentrate on sharing content and engaging with participants. Our team of TSLs, trained in Zoom hosting, radical hospitality and accessibility practices are available to support your events. Availability is limited, so the more notice we have, the more likely we can help.

Zoom Tech Help Desk 

Get advice on technical and logistical aspects of hosting a gathering on the Zoom platform. Your organization brings the questions (or a proposed agenda) and we provide knowledgeable support and patient troubleshooting.

Training for Tech Support Lead Development

PeoplesHub has gained a positive reputation for the work of our excellent Tech Support Leads (TSLs).  TSLs are the reliable folks who can capably and confidently host meetings on the Zoom platform so that facilitators can focus on the content and participants. PeoplesHub now offers training to a limited number of groups and organizations that want to develop several of their own staff or volunteers to become TSLs. Our series of training workshops use a popular education methodology to prepare selected members of your organization to know the ins and outs of Zoom and radical hospitality. These training classes are small (2-6 participants) to facilitate practice time and genuine skill-building. We have a menu of classes and accompaniment plans covering fundamentals to advanced and nuanced skills.

Power of Online Space  (2 hour workshop)

Our movement groups are connecting online more and more, but these spaces can often feel lifeless, exhausting, and clunky. We believe that online connection is an incredible tool that can facilitate powerful connection across geography and make our meetings and gatherings more accessible. Drawing from what we've been learning and experimenting with at PeoplesHub, we will dig into how to bring popular education methodology online, and dispel common myths about what is and isn't possible online. Together we will explore how to create interactive online spaces from meetings to trainings that are effective, impactful, relational, and restorative.  

Virtual Radical Hospitality (2 hour workshop)   

Online sessions provide additional challenges and distractions for facilitators and participants, which can lead to mental overload, less connection, and less effectiveness. The Tech Support Lead supports the session in two ways: First, by handling the technical aspects of the virtual space so the facilitator can focus on content, and second: providing radical hospitality so that participants can access and engage with the session content. Learn the soft skills and practice the technical skills needed to provide care and access-centered spaces that value all participants and center both equity and connection. (Attendees to this training will need a stable internet connection and desktop or laptop computer with webcam, microphone, and headphones.) Works well as a companion to Power of Online Space.

Online Sandbox for Conference Facilitators & Hosts (1 hour clinic)

Not your traditional training! This one-hour clinic is an emergent space for conference facilitators and tech hosts to gather with experienced PeoplesHub trainers and Tech Support Leads for tips, tricks, and consultation on their planned spaces. Bring your questions about Zoom how-to and facilitator ideas, and be prepared to jump right in and learn together!  An excellent follow-up to both Virtual Radical Hospitality and Power of Online Space.

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