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Online Methodology

Online spaces can be places for belonging, accessible learning and connecting.


A unique approach to creating meaningful spaces online.

The large-scale shift toward remote meeting and facilitation in recent years is not a temporary or less viable alternative to the so-called “normalcy” of in-person gatherings. We see online work as an increasingly permanent reality for organizers – and also a powerful opportunity to build the skills and infrastructure that allow social change movements to transcend barriers that have historically limited access and reach.

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Building Our Movements Online: A 2-Part Series on Design, Facilitation & Tech for Online Gatherings

PeoplesHub’s approach to meeting and building community online is rooted in radical hospitality, disability justice, and traditions of popular education that have been used by grassroots movements across the world. We provide a methodology that supports the connection, engagement, and effective collaboration and co-learning that groups often struggle to imagine for their work online.

This two-part series is intended for organizers, movement educators/facilitators, cultural workers, and other social change groups who want to enhance their ability to design and facilitate dynamic experiences online, and upgrade their skill at managing online tools and tech.

These offerings are designed for groups at any level of experience and can be adapted to the specific needs and skills sets your team may want more practice with.

Part 1: The Power of Online Space: Design & Facilitation Approaches (3 hours)

Online meetings, training and gatherings can often feel lifeless, exhausting, and clunky – but they don’t have to be! Drawing from what we’ve been learning and experimenting with at PeoplesHub, we’ll model a variety of options and techniques for creating experiences that are more relational, impactful, and restorative.

This session focuses specifically on design and facilitation of online spaces, with an emphasis on approaches that build connection between participants. Your group will have the opportunity to work with some of your own content and workshop how to make the most of the virtual spaces you host.

Part 2: Virtual Radical Hospitality: Tools for Tech, Accessibility & Connection  (2-3 hours)

Even a well designed online program can fail when challenges with tech create distractions. Facilitators and participants can suffer mental overload, leading to less connection and less effectiveness.

This session covers the skills needed to handle the technical aspects of the virtual space, and to approach tech management in a way that centers care, access, and equity for all participants. We’ll look at some of the most up-to-date tools for managing groups on Zoom and give participants hands-on practice with the skills we cover.

For larger participant groups or groups looking to practice advanced skills (such as working with language interpreters online, security options, etc.), we recommend the 3-hour format.

Follow-up Check In

We offer all groups an hourlong check-in 4-8 weeks after the completion of the second training. In this space we'll answer follow-up questions and troubleshoot any challenges.

Optional Clinic Sessions

All graduates of this series are given free access to the regular tech support clinic spaces we host at PeoplesHub, as additional support for those who want more hands-on practice managing tech.

Attendees to this training will need a stable internet connection and desktop or laptop computer with webcam, microphone, and headphones.