Jardana Peacock

Jardana Peacock (they/them) is the author of Practice Showing Up: A Guidebook for White People Working for Racial Justice. Their work and essays have been featured in YES! Magazine, Elephant Journal, Decolonizing Yoga, The Avatar Review, Mother, Feminist Wire, and more. They are a parent, a writer and an activist. They facilitate white ancestral healing and antiracism retreats across the US. They have helped to found seven social justice organizations including Liberation School South, a healing and spirituality school for changemakers and Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ). Jardana has worked as a cultural organizer at the Highlander Research and Education Center and the Anne Braden Institute for Social Justice Research. They have worked with thousands of activists and organizers globally. They often travel to other worlds through their imagination, and prefer to be barefoot. They are happiest by water, in the mountains or desert, listening in to spirit, and playing in the sun with their kids. Jardana lives in Louisville, KY.