Faith Matters Network

Shakiya Canty

Shakiya Canty is a 4th generation Philadelphian who enjoys identifying innovative approaches and improved solutions to social movement and organizational challenges. She currently works as a Training and Program Coordinator at The Organizing Center. Previously, she spent 5 years serving as an organizer in Brooklyn, NY and Philadelphia, PA, where she helped leaders and coalitions to win policy changes for housing, sanitation, and transportation. She has deep interests in healing justice, the intersection of spirituality and organizing, and economic alternatives and believes that Collective Power, Love, and Imagination are the tools necessary to create the world we wish to see. She is currently a Faith Matters Network Fellow.

A photo of Shakiya Canty. Shakiya is a dark brown person with natural black hair. Shakiya is smiling at the camera -- wearing a sleeveless top with black / black and gray pattering. The garment is adorned with a silver nametag.