Guest Speaker

Sirene Martin

Sirene Martin is a multimedia artist hailing from south central Kentucky. She holds a Bachelors of Arts in Pan-African Studies from the University of Louisville with an emphasis in Gender and Sexuality studies. In her art, Sirene seeks to be in conversation with the ancestral spirits that hold her. These conversation acts as a portal as she travels into the creative space to conjure worlds and realities that are often refused to her in the matieral world as a Black Transgender Woman. As a Hoodoosaint, she is a historian and archivist. Recording and caring for the stories of her ancestors, her art elevates the rich Root culture and religions of the Black folks that made Kentucky their home.

 A photo of Sirene Martin. Sirene is a Black person with black curly hair. Siren is wearing a teal colored top with teal eyeshadow. The background of the image is teal in color with water droplets