Trainings for Groups

Experiential trainings for organizations, collectives and communities.


Everyone is a teacher and a learner.

Our curriculum is developed by trainers with a depth of experience with grassroots organizing, popular education and facilitation in different political and cultural movements. We’ve taken what we’ve learned about how to build powerful, creative and connected groups and crafted an approach that makes for an intimate and accessible experience online.


Thriving Communities

Note: The Thriving Communities curriculum is now held by a collective of current and former PeoplesHub trainers. Reach out to us to talk about bringing the curriculum to your community!

We support new and seasoned groups through conversations to work effectively as a team and make movement toward their goals.

This series was developed by PeoplesHub trainers with a depth of experience with organizing and facilitation with groups working in different political and cultural movements. Our trainings guide groups through visioning, strategy conversations, work on interpersonal group dynamics and development practices that address the most common reasons that groups get burned out and fall apart.

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Trainings and Support

Online Methodology

PeoplesHub trainers and staff come from many traditions of popular-education, cultural organizing and community-based learning. Together we’ve built a methodology for online meetings and training that we’ve found is effective for supporting a wide range of needs, learning styles and abilities. These offerings can help your group develop the tools and approaches needed for engaging, connected and democratic online communities.

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Trainings and Offerings

Disability Justice and Access

When we start from a foundation of Disability and Language Justice principles, we're providing an opportunity and way of being that support liberation for all. For groups that are ready to develop a stronger politic and better practices for access and language justice in their work, we offer a tailored version of our Building a Disability Politic and Access-Centered Cultures series.

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